Melinda Bolton

Assignment Manager

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Melinda isn't from Alaska, but says she feels like she's spent her whole life training for it.

Raised in the Rust Belt, Melinda grew up in a big family, one that spent lots of time outdoors. Whether it was competitive sports, exploring the woods that surrounded her neighborhood, visiting the family cabin in the Appalachian Mountains, camping as a family on Lake Erie or beach combing on the East Coast, Melinda always found joy in her natural surroundings. She aptly notes Alaska is the ultimate gold mine when it comes to outdoor adventure.

After graduating from college, Melinda was hired as an anchor and reporter at KXMC in Minot, ND. From there, she ventured further south to the Western Slope region of Colorado anchoring the evening news for KJCT in Grand Junction, CO. Melinda has covered the energy sector, education, agriculture, Native culture, politics, and the marijuana industry as regular newsroom "beats." She says it's an honor to help others share their voice and perspectives and a privilege to keep her community informed.

As Assignment Manager and Broadcast Content Supervisor, most of Melinda's time is now dedicated to coordinating information and logistics for Channel 2's News crews each day, as well as planning and managing KTUU's daily coverage. When you call with a story idea, Melinda is likely who you speak to! However, you’ll occasionally see Melinda on the anchor desk or out in the field reporting, as her love for journalism has no bounds.

In her free time, you'll often find Melinda (and her beloved dog) hiking on the trails around Anchorage, or perhaps out camping, snowboarding, ice skating or checking out the local food and entertainment scene. Feel free to send recipes, book recommendations and of course, any and all story ideas or requests for coverage to Melinda by email at