House District 2 - Steve Thompson

(Photo Courtesy Steve Thompson)

Name: Steve Thompson

District: House District 2

Area: Fairbanks

Party Affiliation: Republican

Where were you born? Oregon

If you weren't born in Alaska, when did you come here? 1965

Age on election day: 74

If you've attended college, which schools did you attend? What's your highest degree achieved?
Southern Oregon College

What is or was your main career?
Business Owner

If you've held or run for public office before, which one(s)?
Mayor, City of Fairbanks
State Legislator

If you have a spouse or significant other whom you live with, what is their name?
Kathleen Thompson

If you have children, what are their first names and ages?
Todd - 50; Scott 48; Natalie 46; Aaron 44; Max 7

Why are you running for office?
As a 54 year resident of Alaska I want y children and grandchildren to have the same opportunities that I have had. I love Alaska and want to continue working to balance the budget and grow our economy.

What are the most important issues facing Alaska?
There are many issues facing Alaska, to name a few; Health care costs; crime; economic issues; high unemployment; drug and alcohol abuse; high cost of energy; domestic violence.

What would you do to reduce crime in Alaska?
Drug and alcohol rehab centers; federal funds to address gang and drug problems; educate youth about the dangers of alcohol, drug abuse, and to practice respect to prevent domestic violence.

Should dividends be paid under the original dividend formula?
That will be a subject for discussion next legislative session.

Should Permanent Fund earnings be used to pay for state government? How much?
Last session legislation passed to limit the draw from permanent fund earnings.

What, if anything would you cut from the budget?
The budget is pretty lean and I would to stimulate the economy so more people have jobs and not need public assistance.

Should Alaska have new or increased taxes? What would you suggest?
With Alaska's down economy to take money out of peoples pockets when they are already struggling would be an additional burden.

Have humans contributed to climate change, and if so, does the state bear any responsibility to undo some of the effects?
There is climate change happening but many scientists state that it is not human caused.

Do you agree or disagree with Gov. Walker's decision to expand Medicaid in 2014? How much do you believe that decision cost the state treasury?
I disagree. Expanding Medicaid while the State is in Financial flux was not a good business decision. Thru 2026 the additional cost to the States Treasury will exceed $1.6 billion.