New Signals launch Monday for over-the-air Viewers on Kenai Peninsula

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Sponsored - In the summer of 2019, Gray Television, owner and operator of Anchorage-based KTUU and KYES invested in an equipment upgrade that will allow us to send more channels to the Kenai Peninsula. New over-the-air signals are going live on Monday, August 12 for viewers on the Kenai Peninsula who watch via local translators.

Some television sets will find the new signals automatically; others will need to be rescanned. This should allow communities across the Peninsula to access the family of channels from KTUU and KYES.

KTUU is NBC, Channel 2 News and The Justice Network. KYES airs MyNetwork and syndicated programs. Antenna TV airs classic television shows like Bewitched and Johnny Carson. Heroes & Icons carries all five Star Trek shows in primetime and popular classics including House, Jag and Monk during the day.

For more information about the new signal and rescanning your television, click here.