Postpartum Depression: Ariane's Story

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) In a very open and compelling interview, Channel 2's Ariane Aramburo and her husband Jules share what life was like after bringing their newborn daughter home from the hospital. Ariane talks about her smooth pregnancy and delivery and how she wasn't quite prepared for the emotions that followed after giving birth. Ariane talks about her struggle with breastfeeding and the anxiety and pain she felt with even the thought of having to feed her daughter. Jules also felt her pain.

Ariane and Jules in the hospital moments before their daughter Amelia was born.

"You could just see the torment on her face every time she was doing it, every time, I was just like oh my gosh. It gave me a whole new found respect for the strength of women," he said.

But, with a plan in place and outside resources to help, Ariane and Jules made it through the tough times and are happy to share their experience in hopes of helping other families know they're not alone.

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