Rescued dog helps educate hundreds of kids on animal safety

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - You wouldn’t think that Whisper the husky was ever shy or skittish, or that he was adopted after living on the streets of Anchorage.

For the past years, he has been going from classroom to classroom in Anchorage, helping educated students on pet safety.

“Unfortunately, one of the groups that is most-often bit is children,” said Laura Atwood with Anchorage Animal Care and Control.

From January to October, 453 dog bites were reported to Anchorage Animal Care and Control.

“You are more likely to be bit by your own dog, by the dog in your own home,” Atwood said. “So that’s where most of those bites from from.”

“They told us how to meet a dog,” said third-grader Russell Adams after Whisper visited Polaris K-12 School.

The school visitation is part of Anchorage Animal Care and Control's dog bite prevention program.

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