$150,000 worth of marijuana stolen from Anchorage cannabis cultivator

Security camera photo, courtesy Danish Gardens
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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) A huge amount of marijuana, $150,000 worth, was stolen early Tuesday morning from a cannabis cultivator in South Anchorage.

The owner of Danish Gardens, Dane Wyrick, says it happened Tuesday morning about 1:30. He says four people, a woman and three men, smashed through the door using a sledgehammer. He says they grabbed the marijuana and flower products ready to go to stores and stuffed it all into black garbage bags.

All of it was caught on the multiple cameras at the business.

Anchorage Police say officers responded to the business on Cinnabar Loop in reference to a burglary. APD spokesperson, Renee Oistad wrote in an email that, "Unknown suspect(s) forced entry into an exterior glass door and subsequently stole a significant amount of the business's product. This is an open investigation; further details will not be released at this time."

Wyrick says even if police catch whoever stole his marijuana, the theft is still a total loss.

"It's not something we can recover from. The product is lost," Wyrick said. "And unfortunately, even if we found the product, and found it red-handed, we could not bring it back into the store. The state of Alaska would quarantine the product as contaminated and we wouldn't be able to get it back anyway."

Since the break-in, Wyrick says he's had to start paying for additional security to protect his product.

"We're pretty peaceful," Wyrick said. "Unfortunately we've had to take on contacted armed security 24-7 here to make sure this doesn't happen again."

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