2 Your Health: How to maintain your New Year's fitness goals

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(App users, to view the interactive data visualization, follow this link).

Data is sourced from the Statistic Brain Research Institute (SBRI). The research was conducted on Sept. 1, 2016.

According to SBRI, this data was collected internally by using a combination of online and direct response mail. When compiling results, at least a minimum of 4,000 respondents participated in this study.

In the chart's lower right-hand corner, highlight an Exercise Group for overall exercise categories, or search for a Specific Exercise, if you have one in mind. Then view how many calories you can burn per hour, based on exercise-type and your weight.

Come the new year, many Americans vow to get strong and healthy. But not all achieve that goal, as some fizzle out on motivation.

In order to stay on top of your health, here's what local fitness experts suggest you do to keep motivation strong:

• Shoot to exercise for three to four days a week – don't try to jump in with a full seven days a week.
• Work out with friends that will hold you accountable.
• Be mindful of what you eat – read food labels, eat out at restaurants less and try not to eat mindlessly.
• And increase your metabolism by eating smaller meals frequently throughout the day, instead of eating one or two massive meals.

But most importantly, your fitness goal needs to be realistic.

According to Vanessa Harris, head coach at Orange Theory, your goal needs to be something that works for your life and your schedule.

"I tell people everyday just show up," she advises. "The rest will be taken care of, if you just show up. That's what we have to remember. If you just show up, the rest the results will follow. Because that's the hardest part – getting up [and] putting the shoes on."

In order to gauge how many calories you are burning during exercise, use the interactive data visualization, above. Compiled is a list, with over 300 activities, ranging from hard-core running and ax-chopping exercises to low-impact activities, such as walking. That list also includes some unexpected ways you can burn calories, like doing house chores and playing hacky sack – check it out.

Samantha Angaiak, reporter with KTUU, contributed to this report.

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