2 men charged after 14-year-old says she was raped, bitten, locked in car trunk

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HEALY, Alaska (KTUU) - Two men have been charged with crimes after a 14-year-old victim came forward, telling authorities that she had been brutally raped and then forced inside the trunk of a car, suffering hypothermia and frostbite.

According to two separate charging documents filed in Fairbanks, Spencer LaChapelle, 20, of Healy faces the charge of first degree sexual assault, and Anthony "Tony" Timeche, 19, also of Healy, faces the charge of second degree sexual abuse of a minor.

The victim in both cases is the same girl, authorities say. Her father reportedly called the Alaska State Troopers following a violent sexual assault on the night of Dec. 29.

According to charging documents, LaChappelle offered to give the 14-year-old victim a ride in his car to a party. The affidavit says that the two had known eachother "for years, while living in the small town of Healy," despite their age difference.

After driving a half mile, LaChappelle reportedly told her that he was going to have sex with her. She told him that was not going to happen, and he "immediately became violent," according to authorities.

What came next, the victim described to authorities, was a cavalcade of rage and violence. LaChappelle allegedly raped, sodomized, and bit the victim's genitals until she bled, according to the charging document.

The victim "began screaming and crying aloud which she believes halted Spencer from any further actions," the document states.

After the rape, the investigator said LaChappelle drove his car into a snow berm. He allegedly "became agitated after becoming stuck, and grabbed [the victim] by her hair, slapping and spitting in her face." The document says he bit her again, this time on the face, and forced her to perform oral sex on him in the disabled vehicle.

According to the document, LaChappelle strangled the victim until she "began scratching and fighting him off." At that point, authorities say he called his father, Wayne LaChappelle, to help get his car out of the snow berm.

However, LaChappelle did not want his father seeing him with a girl obviously much younger than he was. "Spencer directed [the victim] to get in the trunk of his vehicle due to her being a minor and him not wanting his dad to recognize how young she was." The victim remained in the trunk of the car the entire time it was being pulled from the ditch.

In addition to Wayne arriving, Anthony "Tony" Timenche, a friend of LaChappelle also showed up to provide assistance. According to a separate charging document, 19-year-old Timenche had a "consensual sexual relationship" with the female victim.

Timenche was arrested following the incident for sexual abuse of a minor after the victim told investigators about their relationship, where she alleges the two engaged in various sexual acts "over 30 times" between October and December of 2017.

During the night of the rape, Timenche and LaChappelle drove the car, now freed from the snow, all the way back to her residence. During that time, the charging document states, "[the victim] yelled and pleaded with the two to allow her to get out of the trunk; however, both Spencer and Tony ignored her while she screamed and pleaded."

The temperature outside that night was 20 degrees below zero, according to the document. The girl suffered from hypothermia and frostbite "due to being locked in the trunk for quite a while."

The girl recorded herself pleading for help on her phone, before they eventually let her out of the trunk. She also recorded herself stating she had been raped and was afraid, the document states.

Forensic examiners later confirmed much of her allegations, with details such as forced penetration and a "large laceration" on her genitals corroborating her statement of being raped and bitten.

The Alaska State Troopers arrested LaChappelle, who initially denied having sex with the victim, but later admitted to it, stipulating that it was consensual. According to charging documents, he continued to deny the oral sex or physical assault.

Both men face charges, though prosecutors believe they could face even more charges before the cases go to trial.