33 Alaska clergy & volunteers named in sexual abuse report

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - Decades of past abuse were published in a December 7th report 'Credible Claims of Sexual Abuse of a Minor or Vulnerable Adult.' by the Jesuits West Province. In that report, 33 of the claims identify Alaska clergy and volunteers as perpetrators of sexually abusing children.

Jesuits West said its list is the province’s ongoing commitment to transparency and accountability. Many of the claims were made after an accused priest was deceased. Those cases were not able to be investigated, according to the Jesuit West Providence.

Father Robert Fath, director of the Office of Faith and Family Formation for the Fairbanks Diocese, told KTUU that the diocese has a zero-tolerance policy regarding sexual assault and abuse.

Father Fath said, more awareness, communication and policies are set in place now than ever before, to ensure the safety of vulnerable populations.

The Jesuits West Province encourages anyone who has felt victimized by a Jesuit to contact both Mary Pat Panighetti, Advocacy Coordinator for Jesuits West, at 408-893-8398, and appropriate law enforcement and child-protective agencies.

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