Trump campaign sets up shop in Alaska with familiar names at the helm

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The Trump campaign is setting up shop in Alaska.

Jim Crawford, a commercial realtor and former Republican Party of Alaska chief, has been named as chairman of Trump Alaska 2016.

“I’m deeply honored to lead a dynamic Alaska organization in support of Donald Trump for president,” Crawford said in a news release.

“I’m most encouraged by our honorary co-chairs and policy advisers, while not all initially supporting Mr. Trump, viewing solidarity and a cohesive Republican unification as the most prudent means to successfully achieve a Republican presidency,” Crawford said.

As the Trump Alaska 2016 organization evolves, local offices and contact information will be provided to the public and statewide communities for volunteer opportunities, information and campaign updates, according to the news release.

Members of Trump’s policy platform committee include Mead Treadwell, John Coghill, Rick Mystrom, Drue Pearce, and Dan Fauske.

Likewise, many of the honorary co-chairs are familiar conservative names in Alaska: Loren Leman, Mike Chenault, Charlie Huggins, Lesil McGuire, Amy Demboski, Jerry Prevo, Frank Dahl, Don Kubley, Craig Compeau, Paul Fuhs, John Sturgeon, Dave Schilling, Gabrielle Rubenstein, John MacKinnon, Dave Cuddy, Matt Waggoner, Glenn Biegel, Richard Carr, Dave Cruz, Robert Hall, Ed O’Neill, George Owletuck, Glenn Clary, Wayne Anthony Ross.

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