Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor visits Anchorage

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ANCHORAGE, KTUU Justice Sonia Sotomayor because the third sitting Justice to visit Anchorage Wednesday. She spoke to a large crowd at the Dena’ina Center but only for a few minutes from the stage. For most of her hour and 15 minute conversation she walked through the crowd, shaking hands and giving hugs.

“I think it’s really cool to see how down to earth people stay even when especially you’re making some of the biggest decisions in this country,” said Law Student Julia Matthew.

Justice Sotomayor touched on many topics, including the loss of privacy and being unprepared for the burden that comes with decision making, “We’re the last court and yes congress can fix some of the things we've done wrong. If we get an interpretation of a statue wrong Congress can change the law but if we get the constitution wrong they can’t,” said Sotomayor.

Some of the pre-submitted questions were from children. One asked if she passed notes in court and another asked what house at Hogwarts she would belong to, “Gryffindor, I’m an extrovert,” was her answer.

She also had advice for attorneys in the room, “Every crime is a story so it’s not just a computer spitting out the evidence or the facts it’s telling the story of that crime,” she said. Justice Sotomayor visited 12 Alaska cities during her visit, “It was an incredible experience,” said the Justice.

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