4.6 quake wakes Anchorage on Tuesday, latest of over 1,800 aftershocks

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - What would typically have been a significant jolt early Tuesday morning became just a slightly larger-than-usual aftershock in the wake of last week's massive 7.0 quake.

The aftershock was measured at 4.6, according to the Alaska Earthquake Center, and was located 12 miles northwest of Anchorage just after 7 a.m. The epicenter of the 4.6 was relatively close to where the massive 7.0 quake was located.

Tuesday morning's shaker was felt by hundreds of people in Anchorage and the surrounding area according to a tally provided by the Unites States Geological Survey.

The quake marks just another aftershock in a long list of shakes, many of which are imperceptible to humans due to their low magnitude, but are expected to continue for months.

"We're up to around 1,800 now, the great majority of which were too small to feel," the AKEC said on social media.

Editor's Note: An earlier version of this story referred to the quake's magnitude as 4.7, as that was the number originally reported by authorities. It was later changed to a 4.6. The story has been updated to reflect the adjusted magnitude reading.

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