Independent challenger trying to end Rep. Don Young's 45-year reign

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- The future of Alaska is in the balance with midterm elections less than a month away. Rep. Don Young's, R-Alaska, House seat is up for contention. He says after 45 years on Capitol Hill, he still has work to do for the Last Frontier.

"My M.O. is that, you want something done ask Don to do it," said Young.

The people of Alaska have asked him to do their bidding in D.C. since 1973. Young, the longest-serving current House member just pushed his 81st bill through the House, a list that includes the approval of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline, the 200-mile fishing limit, and improvements to our national wildlife refuges.

"I've learned how to work across the aisle and one of the frustrating things is I see that breakdown now and I try to keep it together as much as possible," said Young.

Young is comfortable in his animal head-filled office. But he says he doesn't take reelection bids for granted after close races in the past.

"The decision will be about, do they think I can still do the job as I've done in the past? Will I continue to do it for the future for the state and for the individuals?" said Young.

His independent challenger Alyse Galvin says 45 years is on Capitol Hill is enough for Young. She thinks her grassroots campaign is going to shock the Young camp.

"I'm a different candidate clearly in a different time and Alaskans are appreciating that," said Galvin.

Galvin is focusing on diversifying the Alaskan economy, making the state safer by addressing the opioid crisis, improving education, and protecting the health care of Alaskans with preexisting conditions. She says Alaskans can trust her to work for them because she is not taking corporate donations.

"When I'm making decisions in D.C., I won't be in anyone's pocket," said Galvin.

The midterm elections take place on November 6.