Video shows 68-year-old Seattle woman being attacked and robbed in front of her home

SEATTLE (KCPQ/CNN) – From her neck to her knee, 68-year-old Mei Mei Yeung is bruised and banged up after she endured a violent robbery.

Video shows a 68-year-old woman being attacked and robbed in Washington state. (Source: KCPQ/Tribune/Mei Mei Yeung/CNN)

Surveillance footage from Wednesday shows a man run up the driveway and attack her from behind as she's walking home.

Yeung tries to fight back and cry for help.

The robber takes her necklace and then goes after her rings, dragging Yeung to the ground as he tries to pull them off.

Yeung tells the robber that she'll give them to him.

The robber says, "Let go. Let go right now."

Yeung says that's the point when she felt the most helpless, lying on the ground and unable to get up.

The 40 seconds of terror ends when the robber dashes away with Yeung's rings, necklace and purse - but then Yeung follows right behind him.

"I think with her adrenaline, she ended up chasing him to his car. She's a fighter, at the end of the day," said Kevin Lo, Yeung's son-in-law.

The robber got into a black sedan and took off.

"It can be anyone's mom," Lo said. "It can be your mom, your sister, your grandma, you know, you. It can happen to anybody. In a quiet neighborhood like this, it's really shocking."

Lo said this wasn't the first time his mother-in-law has been robbed.

Someone snatched off her necklace in Seattle's Chinatown-International District four years ago.

Over the years in Seattle, there have been a rash of incidents of elderly Asian women being robbed for their jewelry and cash.

Yeung said she never reported the last robbery to police, but this time the family isn't staying quiet.

"By not saying anything, you're not helping anybody," Lo said. "You're hurting yourself and your community."

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