Sen. Murkowski disappointed with President Trump's actions in week since acquittal

WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- Sen. Lisa Murkowski Thursday talked with Channel 2 Washington D.C. Bureau reporter Peter Zampa to expand on her thoughts about the president's actions during the sentencing period of Roger Stone, saying the actions were “disappointing.”

Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) says she does not regret voting to acquit the president last week. (Source: Gray DC)

“I’m disappointed with what we have seen in the past couple days with the president’s involvement in the sentencing of Roger Stone. I just don’t think it was appropriate,” said Murkowski. “I don’t think he should have weighed in, I don’t think the Department of Justice should have weighed in.”

President Trump's longtime friend and ally faced between seven and nine years in prison after his conviction on witness tampering and obstruction charges but had his suggested prison time lowered by the Justice Department.

President Trump and the Justice Department said there was no communication over the sentencing issue.

The president blasted the original sentencing recommendation as “horrible and unfair."

On Wednesday he tweeted congratulations to Attorney General William Barr “for taking charge" of the case. Stone has denied wrongdoing and called the case politically motivated.

Murkowski says Barr is expected to sit in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee. There she expects him to answer some questions about the case. That's scheduled for March 31.

As for her feelings on last week's acquittal vote in the President's impeachment trial, Murkowski says her vote still stands.

“I do not regret the acquittal vote. As difficult as that was, I again recognize and understand that removal is the nuclear weapon if you will, when it comes to redressing the president.”

“My hope is that there has been a lesson that is learned," Murkowski continued. "But the news this week was again not very good at confirming that.”

Watch the full one-on-one interview with Murkowski above.

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