Jury finds Bradley Renfro guilty on eight counts

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - A jury in Fairbanks found Bradley Renfro guilty on eight counts related to the murder of David Grunwald on Tuesday afternoon.

Among the counts are Murder 1-Intent to cause death, Murder 2-intent to cause serious injury, and Kidnapping-injury or sexual assault.

The only count Renfo was not found guilty on was for assault.

Now, the Judge Gregory Heath said they plan on moving forward to sentencing on November 25.

Renfro was on trial for six weeks in Fairbanks for his alleged involvement with the murder of 16-year-old David Grunwald in November 2016.

Grunwald was beaten with a pistol, kidnapped in his own Ford Bronco, and then taken out to a deserted location near the Knik River where he was shot.

After the court let out, Edie Grunwald, David's mother, had this to say about the verdict.

"It makes sense we have eight out of nine guilty," she said, "We appreciate what the jury has done. They had to go through a lot of evidence, and all we could do was pray that they saw the truth through everything."

Four teenage boys are said to be involved. The others are Dominic Johnson, Erick Almandinger, and Austin Barrett.

So far, Almandinger and Johnson have been convicted in this case.

Renfro has gone on record saying Barrett is the one who pulled the trigger. Barrett is the final member of the initial four teenagers to stand trial.

Edie Grunwald said she and her family aren't done with this case yet and are getting ready for the final teen's trial.

"It's been two years and almost 11 months, so you know the wheels of justice are slow, but we're here throughout the whole thing. We're glad the third one's over but we've got one more to go," she said.

The final trial in Grunwald's murder case is set to start next year in Fairbanks.

When asked if she had words for the defense, all she had to say is she wished they didn't do what they did, that they didn't have to, and doesn't want that to happen to anyone else's son.

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