A friendly face makes an appearance after a short respite

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - Highs in the upper 60's on Thursday with partly sunny skies.

Yesterdays storms have moved off and now high pressure moves in out of the south on Thursday helping to clear our skies and quiet our weather. High pressure will help to inhibit the sun destabilizing the atmosphere, reducing pop-up thunderstorms and rain shower activity for Southcentral Alaska. Friday into Saturday we will see more low pressure storms move into the Gulf from the southwest

Partly sunny on Thursday in Anchorage with a high near 69 degrees. Thursday night we drop down to 52 degrees while under partly cloudy skies with variable 10 mph winds along with gusts up to 20 mph.

Partly sunny on Friday with a high of 67 degrees and winds out of the southwest at 15 mph but out of the southeast from 20-35 mph along Turnagain Arm and in higher elevations. Friday night we drop down to 52 degrees while under mostly cloudy skies.

Looking ahead, Anchorage will be cloudy on Saturday while we warm up to 67 degrees for a high temperature.

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