A little wind and drizzle with a record about to fall

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - While under partly sunny skies on Tuesday, Anchorage warms into the low 70s.

In terms of rain, a series of disturbances and storm energy will pass by to our north over the next day or so. The first of these will send a weak front southward, reaching the north-central portions of the Matanuska Valley and Copper River Basin, before the system weakens and breaks down. This, combined with winds out of the southwest (low level just above the surface) should provide enough lift (convergence) for some showers to develop, reaching as far south as a Kenai to the coastal Gulf line for today (Tuesday) into tomorrow (Wednesday). These rainfall chances fall by the wayside for Thursday, with dry weather expected for most locations, with the exception being near the Alaska Range.

Partly sunny in Anchorage on Tuesday while we warm up to 73 degrees as well as winds out of the south at 15 mph plus 30 mph gusts. These winds could provide a little bit of lift to aide in some light drizzle today. Tuesday night we drop down to 60 degrees while under mostly cloudy skies in the evening as well as winds out of the south at 15 mph plus 30 mph gusts.

Partly cloudy on Wednesday while we see a high of 74 degrees. Wednesday night we drop down to 57 degrees while under mostly cloudy skies.

Looking ahead, Anchorage will be partly cloudy on Thursday with a high of 73 degrees.

At roughly 9:56 a.m. this morning officially Anchorage went over the 70 degrees temperature mark, setting another record. The summer of 2013 saw 42 days of 70 degrees or warmer while the summer of 2019 just moved past that mark with 43 days of 70 degrees or warmer with more time to spare.

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