Alaska paramedic team heading to Texas

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - Members of an Alaska-based organization, called Mobile Medics International, are heading to Houston, TX, to help victims of Hurricane Harvey.

"What our goal is, is to go into some of the lower lying communities right outside of Houston that have yet to receive aid," said Teresa Gray, founder of the organization. "Where they are congregating in shelters - wherever they've been displaced to - we're going to show up."

On Wednesday evening, Gray and a volunteer were packing medical supplies for the trip to Texas Friday night. They will meet other members of the group, who are coming from several different locations.

"I have team members coming from Ireland, California, Oregon, Alaska, Michigan - and they're all paying their own plane tickets," Gray said.

Gray says her team will have a two-pronged mission, once they arrive in Texas.

The first goal is to provide basic medical care to storm victims.

"The other thing we're going to do is find the local E.M.S. departments and see if they need us to (relieve) their personnel" she added. "So, I'll run the ambulance calls for you today. You go check on your family, or just take a rest, or whatever else you need."

Gray, a retired paramedic and now stay-at-home mom in Anchorage, started the organization after a trip to Greece to help rescue and treat Syrian refugees. Members recently returned from a medical mission to the Philippines.

Members of the organization pay for their own transportation, housing and food, according to Gray. She said all donations to her organization are used to buy supplies that directly help people in need.

Information about the organization can be found at:

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