WATCH: Flow of aftershocks register across Alaska following massive earthquake

Aftershocks spread over Alaska, with stations across the state recording the strength. Taken from visualization made by the Alaska Earthquake Center.
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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - A new video released by Alaska earthquake officials shows the flow of aftershocks from the massive quake on Nov. 30, as they spread out and away from the epicenter, pinging stations all across the state.

In the video shared to social media by the Alaska Earthquake Center, the ground motion visualization shows where different stations recorded aftershocks, and a color-coded indication on how strong those aftershocks were, ranging from major to minor.

The earthquake, which made history and headlines last week, came in at a whopping 7.0 magnitude, damaging buildings, destroying roads, and overall leaving many Alaskans shaken.

However, even though the quake stopped after a short time, the aftershocks which continued in the days following are far from over.

Many seismologists say the aftershocks, to a lesser degree of magnitude, will remain a part of Alaska quake climate for months, and maybe even years, according to CNN.

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