AP: Alyse Galvin wins Alaska's Democratic nomination for U.S. House

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ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) — Alyse Galvin has won Alaska's Democratic primary for the U.S. House, becoming the first independent to represent the party in a general election.

Galvin defeated Democrats Dimitri Shein and Carol Hafner and independent Christopher Cumings in Tuesday's primary.

At a watch party Tuesday night, Galvin told KTUU she is looking forward to the challenge of taking on Rep. Don Young directly in the November general election.

"People who have never had anything to do with politics are volunteering. Now we’re at 700 volunteers, and the way that happened is they are looking for something completely different, and I represent that," Galvin said. "I do not represent the same old, same old politician. He may be charming, but unfortunately, he's in the pockets of too many people."

Shein spoke to Channel 2 at a watch party at Mad Myrna's about the campaign he ran, focusing on a message of single-payer healthcare.

"We ran a great campaign. We ran it on the issues," Shein said. "We ran it on single-payer Medicare for all because that's really important for Alaska to get the health care costs down so folks can start businesses and families don't have to go bankrupt in our state and country."

Galvin advances to the November general election, where she will face U.S. Rep. Don Young, the longest-serving member of the House. Young has served since 1973 and faced token opposition in the Republican primary.

Galvin is a newcomer to politics but has had a constant presence at the Alaska Legislature, advocating for better funding for schools. Her husband, Pat, was formerly the state revenue commissioner and the only Democrat to serve in the administration of former Gov. Sarah Palin, a Republican.

A state Supreme Court decision this year opened up the Democratic primary to independent candidates.

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