APD cites over 800 people for seat belt violations

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - Anchorage police officers have given out 866 seat belt violations in the past month, according to APD.

Those results were part of the National Click It or Ticket Campaign. The enforcement began on May 13 and ended June 3.

On top of the seat belt violations, officers cited 354 uninsured motorists, 77 people for speeding and there were 41 arrests. Fifteen of those were people with warrants.

Lulu Jensen with the Center for Safe Alaskans said those numbers were surprising to her.

"It’s the single most effective way to protect yourself in a vehicle,” she said. “Our vehicles now are bigger than ever and we’re driving tanks on the highway essentially.”

Jensen and her team are tasked with surveying Alaska’s roads and collecting data on how many people are wearing their seat belts.

On Tuesday, she stood on the corner of Tudor Road and C Street, quickly glancing up to catch motorists passing her by and recording what she sees.

“This gentleman right here isn’t wearing one, in the beautiful little Mercedes,” she said as a green car drove by.

Jensen also pointed out babies in the front seat, people taking calls and others texting.

She said that Alaska actually isn’t doing too bad compared to the rest of the states. The Alaska Occupant Protection Use Survey estimates more than 90 percent of Alaskans are wearing their seat belts.

Alaska has primary seat belt laws, meaning an officer can ticket drivers or passengers for not wearing a seat belt without any other offense.

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