APD patrol car involved in wreck

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ANCHORAGE, Alaska An Anchorage Police Dept. patrol car was involved in a collision with another vehicle Friday evening.

It happened at the intersection of Gambell Street and 15th Avenue.

An officer on the scene said the police car was headed east on 15th Ave., and the officer driving it was responding to a call. The patrol unit collided with a small sedan that was heading south on Gambell St.

Both vehicles ended up in front of the former headquarters of the Alaska Aces Hockey team. The collision set off the airbags in the police car.

APD spokesman M.J. Thim, in an email, wrote "the officer had lights and siren activated and was headed for a call to assist an officer when the collision occurred."

Two men were in the civilian car, and both said they were o.k. Police say the officer involved in the wreck was not hurt.

Thim said the crash is under investigation.

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