ASD will look into safety protocols in the wake of Florida school shooting

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ANCHORAGE, AK (KTUU) In the wake of the Florida school shooting, Anchorage School District said it will evaluate which protocols worked and didn't work in that situation and compare them to its current systems.

Joe Schmidt, senior director for school safety said schools practice violent intruder drills four times a year at a minimum and evacuations for fire drills 10 times a year.

Other safety methods include locking down rooms, barricading the doors, evacuation and rally points.

Schmidt said the district will assess information from the Florida shooting as it unfolds and make recommendations if needed on current safety methods.

On the issue of potential warning signs, Schmidt said ASD is also implementing a threat assessment protocol.

"I think if the community realizes that it could happen here that might change the culture of not reporting things, well there's a lot of social pressure from reporting right, and I think that's a barrier," Schmidt said. " I think one way to lower that barrier, if you will, is an awareness that it could happen here and that people could personally be or their families could be harmed and don't ever be afraid to say something."

ASD currently has 15 school resource officers.

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