AST: Nikolaevsk man shot and killed after seriously injuring responding trooper

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NIKOLAEVSK, Alaska (KTUU) - Alaska State Troopers shot and killed a man Saturday evening they say "injured and incapacitated" a responding trooper in Nikolaevsk.

Nikolai Yakunin, 42, allegedly continued his aggressive behavior when additional troopers arrived and was "shot to prevent further assaults on any Trooper or bystander."

The injured trooper was taken to the hospital in Homer for medical treatment of "serious injuries." Troopers have not disclosed whether Yakunin was armed with a weapon before he was shot.

At around 2:15 p.m., AST say they received a report that Yakunin was in contact with a female in violation of the conditions of his felony probation.

Troopers responded five hours later to an address on Nikolaevsk Rd. "While on scene at the residence where Yakunin was located, Yakunin attacked the first responding State Trooper, injuring him and incapacitating him where the Trooper was unable to adequately defend himself," wrote AST.

Additional troopers arrived to assist before Yakunin allegedly continued his "assaultive behavior." The suspect was then shot and pronounced dead at the scene.

As per Alaska State Trooper policy, the trooper, or troopers, that fired their service weapons will be placed on mandatory 72-hour administrative leave.

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