After busy fire season, Red Cross needs volunteers

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - Just like Alaska’s Fire Crews, Red Cross volunteers have been keeping busy.

In fact, in the last month, state volunteers have coordinated six emergency shelters.

“We’ve never had (a season) like that,” said long-time volunteer David Williams. “It’s been really a mixed bag of things. It’s been hard on our volunteers because they are constantly being pulled.”

Lisa Miller, the Regional Chief Development Officer for the Red Cross of Alaska, said that they are in constant need of volunteers.

“It has been a very busy and tough summer for our volunteer base,” she said. “We do need to rotate people out so they don’t get burnt out.”

Like Miller and Williams said, being a volunteer can be difficult.

But there’s a reason why Williams has been helping out the Red Cross for 20 years now.

“It shows that I have value,” he said. “That I'm able to help, and I can help my fellow man. And it gives an internal satisfaction, you feel good about being able to help others.”

Miller said that all skill-sets can be useful to the Red Cross and everyone should look into volunteering.

The first step is to visit the Red Cross’ website.

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