After the snow the cold is coming.

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - While under cloudy skies Tuesday Anchorage will see high temps in the mid 20s.

As our recent storms move off to the south Tuesday, cold air will continue to filter in from the north (backside of low). This should be evident with the cold air movement causing Gale Storm Force Winds (39-54 mph) mostly through the mountain gaps and passes (roads through mountains) along the coast in the western Gulf of Alaska.

These winds could be the difference in preventing some early morning fog as the snow dies off. Other areas like Thompson Pass are seeing strong, cold, windy airflow from the north as well. These winds will taper off during the day today (Tuesday), but expect cold air to continue to move into all areas of Southcentral Alaska and will stay in place for the rest of the week.

This substantial cooling will take place, though it will battle cloud cover as it does while the clouds slow the cooling process and keep temperatures warmer. Stratus cloud development for the lower Susitna Valley, Anchorage Bowl and Copper River Basin (to a lesser degree) should prevent temperatures from bottoming out.

For the extended forecast, on Thursday a storm system looks to move into Southwest Alaska. Warmer air will move in behind the low, but since the air mass ahead of the storms will be quite cold, much of the precipitation away from the immediate coast will fall as snow.

After early snow and flurries as well some patchy freezing fog on Tuesday Anchorage will see temps around 23 degrees. Mostly cloudy Tuesday night with a low of 15 degrees.

Partly sunny Wednesday in Anchorage with a high near 21 degrees. Wednesday night we will mostly cloudy with light winds.

Looking ahead, Thursday we will be mostly sunny with a high of just 12 degrees.

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