Alaska Airlines honors four unidentified fallen soldiers

Source: MGN online

ANCHORAGE, (KTUU) - Alaska Airlines honored four unidentified fallen soldiers Monday and Tuesday by transferring their remains in the airline's fallen soldier carts.

The carts are used to transport fallen military members both active and retired.

The four fallen soldiers honored were from the C-124 plane crash in 1952 at Mt. Gannett.

On the plane were 52 people, all of them were killed.

Bad weather is thought to be the main factor for the plane hitting the mountain.

On June 9, 2012, the crew of an Alaska Army National Guard helicopter on a training mission noticed a large yellow survival raft on the surface of the Colony Glacier above Inner Lake George.

The site was nearly 14 miles from the 1952 crash location.

The National Guard sent a team on foot to examine the site and they retrieved items that were identified as being from the crashed C-124.

“There will be no families here, but we will be here,” said Daniel Brosch, an on the job training instructor for the maintenance department Alaska Airline LA, “We have made a commitment to where there are no families to always be there. Where there are no military escorts, we will escort it, and when there is no ceremony, we will create one.”

The remains are being transferred back east for identification.

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