Alaska Drone Racing League takes races indoors to keep skills sharp through winter

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) The Alaska Drone Racing League turned a portion of the Spenard Rec Center into its arena for keeping skills sharp during the long winter months Saturday.

"It's got a camera on the front of the drone and we wear goggles so we're seeing everything just like we were sitting in the cockpit of that drone," Buckley Clarke said about the sport quickly gaining popularity across the country.

Clarke said he enjoys it because of the adrenaline rush from flying,"it's like nothing I've ever done."

The racing club started about two years ago with less than a handful of members. Now there are nearly 40 pilots that meet to compete against each other.

Some of the racers say they simply can't get enough of the drone experience. "It's really hard to explain. It's really an out of body experience when you're flying. When you have the goggles on you're the quad, you're not the person standing on the ground," Wes Fareimath said.

"You feel like you're actually really flying and that's what's really cool about it," he said.

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