Alaska Federation of Natives endorses Hillary Clinton for president

Hillary Clinton (Courtesy: MGN Online)
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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - For the first time since its formation in 1966, the Alaska Federation of Natives has officially endorsed a U.S. presidential candidate.

As the organization gears up for its annual convention in Fairbanks, AFN announced on Wednesday morning that the Board had adopted a resolution endorsing Hillary Clinton for president.

In a press release explaining the decision, AFN said that Clinton’s priorities closely reflected those of native Alaskan communities, so much so that the board was “compelled to break tradition.”

“AFN and many of our members have long held policies of non-endorsement when it comes to presidential elections, and some Board members abstained because they needed further internal discussions with their groups,” AFN said in the statement. “Overall the AFN Board voted decisively to endorse Hillary Clinton as the best choice for President of the United States.

The three page resolution lists a number reasons why the board decided to endorse Clinton, including her commitment host an annual White House Tribal Nations Conference, appoint native people to positions in her administration, and collaborate with native communities on preserving natural resources.

The resolution also endorsed Clinton’s stances on issues facing many native communities such as climate change, access to affordable education, drug & alcohol abuse and violence against women.

"Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton has a long record of supporting Alaska Native and American Indian causes," the resolution reads in part.

Click HERE to read a fully copy of AFN’s resolution.

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