Alaska Filmmakers host community discussion on sexual assault

ANCHORAGE (KTUU)- Actors, police officers and those behind the scenes gathered to discuss sexual assault and harassment in the film and entertainment industries.

The non-profit, Alaska Filmmakers hosted the open panel discussion. The conversation focused on how to report sexual assault or harassment.

Deborah Schildt, with Alaska Film Services said the climate in the film industry makes women feel vulnerable and makes reporting assault difficult. "80 percent of women in Hollywood have been sexually harassed. Only 10 percent of men in Hollywood have been sexually harassed," said Schildt.

Kenneth McCoy, Deputy Chief with the Anchorage Police Department said APD has dedicated many resources for reporting and investigating incidents of sexual assault or harassment. "We delve into the criminal aspect for those offenses," said McCoy.

The panel discussed ways to empower victims and focus on recovery.

Blaze Bell, empowerment coach said sexual assault and harassment have a different healing process. Blaze said it's important for victims to take time to focus on recovery.

"Addiction, post-traumatic stress disorder and eating disorders are all very common after the sexual assault because it really changes the way our brains work," said Blaze.

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