Alaska House speaker vote fails amid ongoing talks

Snow falls in front of the Alaska Capitol in Downtown Juneau in March 2017
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JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) - A vote for permanent speaker of the Alaska House failed Monday amid ongoing efforts to organize the chamber.

Republican Rep. David Eastman sought to force a vote, which came three weeks into the session.

A vote for Republican Rep. Dave Talerico failed 20-20, after Democratic Rep. Bryce Edgmon, who also was nominated, declined to be considered for the time being.

Republican Rep. Gary Knopp, who has favored a bipartisan group in control on the House, said he could support Talerico in the future. But he says the House needs to be organized in a way with "success potential."

In 1981, it took 22 days for a permanent speaker to be elected. However, that organization was tenuous and the speaker was later replaced.

Tuesday is the 22nd day of this session.

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