AHFC offers housing assistance for low-income families

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ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) — The Alaska Housing Finance Corporation is accepting applications for its housing choice voucher lottery, which can help find and pay rent for homes.

Cathy Stone is the Director of Public Housing for the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation.

"The mission of Alaska Housing is to provide safe, quality, affordable housing to Alaskans, Stone says. "We provide rental assistance to 16 locations through the state. That's in the form of vouchers, as well as public housing, which we own and manage."

Stone is excited, because this month, AHFC is doing something special.

“For Anchorage, we are opening our housing choice voucher lottery list,” Stone says. “This only happens every year-and-a-half to two years, and so we're encouraging all Alaskans who are low-income and could use housing assistance to please apply for this list.”

The housing choice voucher program helps low-income families or individuals find and pay rent for homes.

So how do you qualify?

“You have to be a certain income limit. for a single person, that's making $36,000 or less,” Stone says. “For a family of four, that's $54,000 or less. It really depends on your family size."

Applications can be done by paper, or online.

“If you go to AHFC.us, there's a nice link at the top left corner of our website which says 'apply for the Anchorage voucher lottery,' and that will lead you right to the application,” Stone says.

AHFC is accepting applications through July 31.

“Within the next two years, all those folks that have applied, should receive a call from us to come in and receive their voucher," Stone says.

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