Alaska joins first ever World Fishing Day

For the first time ever, anglers from all parts of the world are coming together to celebrate World Fishing Day. The event will take place on July 23 in 24 locations across the globe to promote a love of fishing, and the issues fisheries face.

“I think Alaska is one of the few places in the world where we really still have amazing fisheries right out our back door,” said Alaska Director for Trout Unlimited, Nellie Williams. As an advocate for Save Bristol Bay, Williams adds that connecting anglers with fish issues is important because Alaska has some big ones.

The live show from Alaska will be on the Kasilof River guided by Dave Lisi. Dallas Baldwin, of Explore Kenai, will be the on-air host. Baldwin says, “[Lisi] is going to be taking clients out fishing for king salmon on the spey rod,” much different than what anglers are used to.

The Kasilof show will join the 24 hour coverage of the event on Fishing TV’s app and website. “From there you can tune in on your trip. You can watch all kinds of fishing from around the world, you can see people on the salt, on rivers. You know all different species, anything from salmon to bass.”

The live streams can be found on Fishing TV’s app, and coverage of the Kasilof will be live from 11-3 on July 23. You can also watch at

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