Alaska Sen. Dan Sullivan reflects on time spent with mentor John McCain

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WASHINGTON (KTUU) - Alaska's junior senator, Dan Sullivan, reflected on the time he knew friend and fellow senator, John McCain, on Wednesday.

Sen. Dan Sullivan talks on legacy, friendship of Sen. John McCain.

The same day saw funeral processions begin in Arizona for the late senator, who died Saturday of an aggressive form of brain cancer.

During his speech on the Senate floor, Sullivan called McCain "a man of courage, a steadfast patriot, an American hero, a warrior of indomitable spirit."

Sullivan said that while he knew McCain a shorter time than others in congress, McCain was a mentor to him, calling that mentoring and friendship "one of the true honors of my life."

Sullivan touched on the many different sides of McCain's personality both privately and as a public figure, from his sense of humor, to his military service, and his policy style.

"When you look at the arc of John McCain's whole life, whether in the Hanoi Hilton or on the Senate floor, it was about fighting for what he believed in," Sullivan said.

Sen. Sullivan spoke with Channel 2's Washington D.C. correspondents. That interview can be viewed in full below.

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