Alaska Senate passes bill that closes 'loophole' in sex crimes laws

ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - A bill that strengthens Alaska’s sex crime laws unanimously passed the state Senate in Juneau Wednesday. House Bill 14, which lawmakers say closes the so-called “Schneider loophole,” passed 20-0.

In 2019, Justin Schneider received no jail time after pleading guilty to choking and masturbating on a woman. The case brought to light that ejaculating on a person without their consent could not be prosecuted as a sex crime in Alaska.

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House Bill 14 also addresses choking and strangulation to the point of unconsciousness, making it a first-degree assault offense, and adding it to a list of aggravating factors at sentencing.

Channel 2's Sean Maguire contributed to this report from Juneau.

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