Alaska Thanksgiving stories: the weird, the bad, and the funny

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - Sometimes you spend hours getting Thanksgiving dinner ready only to look up and realize the holiday is still a week away.

"I left to wash up after marinating the turkey and she decided to hop in with it."

Or maybe you look over and see your 1-year-old daughter taking a bath with in a cooler where the turkey is marinating.

Those are just some of the more memorable Thanksgiving stories Alaskans shared with KTUU. Read more below, and share your own in the comments section:

TURKEY BATH. Leightiana Greenough: "I left to wash up after marinating the turkey and she decided to hop in with it."

RIGHT DAY. WRONG WEEK. Mistie Hammond: "My sister, just the other day, she texts me and she's like, 'That moment when you show up on the wrong Thursday and wonder why there's nobody there.' She showed up last Thursday. She had her green bean casserole and everything ready to go."

CHICKEN DINNER. Benita Hamilton: "I had the best time today. We made a video of our four chickens eating their Thanksgiving dinner. We had bibs on them with their names and they had corn on the cob and pie on their plates. The best part was seeing everyone's Facebook comments about how it made them laugh or made them happy and knowing that we had shared some happiness with the Internet today. We enjoyed it over and over and over again all day."

CANDIED GREEN BEANS? Dana Tolliver: "My most memorable funny moment was a few years ago. I was cooking a turkey dinner with all the fixings and was about to start making the candied yams. When I opened the can, there was no yams!! It was green beans!! I opened three different cans and all the same thing. I called Walmart where I bought them and apparently they had a whole shipment of the mislabeled yams."

A SURPRISE HIT. Ryan Butler: "When I was younger, I was sitting around the table with my parents and two younger brothers. My mom had poured some coke in my glass and it foamed up. I leaned over to sip the foam from the top of the glass, and caught my hair on fire from the candles that were lit in the middle of the table!! Not knowing this, my mom came running around the table and started beating me on top of my head trying to put the fire out, and I had no clue what I had done wrong to deserve being beat!!! We haven't had candles on the table since... and I'm now 30."

FROZEN. Karen K. Chormaic: "Many years ago, one of my college friends was spending TG day with me and my kids. I'd also invited the Mormon missionaries that had been through our neighborhood, because I felt sorry for them being so far from their families (one was from France. Because I had so many dishes to prepare at the same time, I'd made the green-bean casserole and frozen it in advance of the day. It sat on the counter waiting its turn in the oven. Everyone was gathered in my kitchen, talking to me and I guess I got a bit distracted. We put all the food on the table finally, and grace was said and we served the food. While the others were finishing putting foods on their plate, my friend eagerly took a bit of the green-bean casserole. She got a funny look on her face, then she snatched the fork away from one of the missionaries as he was getting ready to take a bite of the casserole, grabbed his plate and anyone else's who had the casserole and scraped the casserole back into the dish! When I asked her what the heck she was doing, she whispered, 'the casserole is still icy forgot to cook it.'"

VOTE TURKEY. Fratzen Zelvis: "A turkey got elected, but a vulture didn't, so it's all good. Happy Thanksgiving America!"

BRAINS. Jack Gerke: "Years ago, at the village feast the servers brought two types of caribou soups. I felt rich when I took a bowl with dumplings. I couldn't find any meat and the dumplings were real chewy and extra starchy. I asked what kind of dumplings they were and was told that was brains."

GIZZARDS. Karen N Toovak: "Many years ago, when I started to cook on my own, I had the responsibility of cooking the turkey, something I was very nervous about because both my parents were out of town and I had no one to make sure I was doing it right, although I had seen my mom do it a hundred times. I was making sure to take my time, I made 2 boxes of the stove top stuffing and filled up the cavity, the turkey was probably around 18 pounds, a super big one. I took heed the directions on the packaging and basted it every half hour or so. No problem! It was starting to get good color and the aroma soon filled the house. Oh, how we were in the holiday spirit. I was feeling pretty good about it, and it actually boosted my confidence, HAHA!
So when it was time to get it out, we were ready! After all, we had starved ourselves so we can eat a fine meal, with all the sides.
As we were carving and cutting up pieces, I had discovered that the gizzards and other organs were still in the package and in the neck cavity! Oh my God! We still laugh about it to this day! I don't think I told my parents cause I think if I did, they would lose all faith in me."

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