Alaska Waste trying out curbside organics program

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Anchorage (KTUU) - Alaska Waste is testing out its new curbside organics program in Anchorage, giving residents the opportunity to have their organic waste picked up from their homes to be composted -- and to pick up finished compost for their gardens.

The program started early June and the company said it plans on running the service until October.

"It’s really a test run to see if we have the demand to run a program like this on a larger scale and figure out what the logistics are," said Laurel Andrews, a community outreach specialist with Alaska Waste.

Right now, less than 80 people are participating in the program. The test area is from roughly W 100th Ave. to Southport Drive, down to Discovery Bay Road.

The Alaska Waste curbside organics program customers join about 900 other Anchorage residents using a similar service provided by Solid Waste Services, another contractor with the municipality that services a different geographic area.

“We're hoping this is the beginning of something that we can build out to the community,” Andrews said.

Participants also have access to compost to use in their gardens. They pay $10 a month for the weekly pick up. Laurel Andrews said that the program saves residents money if they use more than three trash bags for their normal organic waste.

According to Andrews, the Anchorage landfill has a lifespan of about 35 years.

“And once the lifespan runs out, we're going to have to find a new place to dispose of our trash and that is going to be very costly,” Andrews said.

The organic material collected as part of the program skips the landfill and goes to a Palmer farm, where it is turned into compost.

Residents in the designated trial area may qualify to participate in the service provided by Alaska Waste. Anchorage residents that are unsure of their service area who are interested in composting can email

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