Alaska bucks trend on booze

ANCHORAGE (KTUU) For good or for ill Alaskans like to drink. The state ranks 9th nationwide on a per capita basis. However unlike the rest of the nation, while there was an uptick in Alcohol sales during March due to a run on supplies thanks to COVID-19, it wasn't as stark as the rest of the country.

The week of March 21st alcohol sales nationwide jumped 55% according to the research firm Nielsen but here in the 49th state, the numbers are lower. Don Grasse of K&L Distributors told KTUU "In the month of March we were up mid-teens, so we had a very strong march as a company but when I take and look at the sales since the actual hunker down message came through Anchorage as well as the rest of the state we're actually down during that period so our strong sales in the state came prior to the hunker down as our customers were anticipating large sales in the stores and that's where we had our big sales in the month of March."

Don doesn't expect those higher sales numbers to continue into April noting that the "Hunker Down" order came so quickly that many bars and restaurants had already ordered 50% of their alcohol stock or more. With the expectation that those numbers drop to or near zero for April Don expects overall numbers to dip. Adding yet another industry that could, perhaps belatedly, take an economic hit due to COVID-19.

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