Alaska girl makes good, Jasmine Alleva stars in NFL commercial

ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - If you managed to sit through Thursday (Sept. 19) night’s snoozer of an NFL football game between the Titans and Jaguars you may have noticed a bright spot midway through the first quarter. During an advertisement for next week’s TFL game, a local face popped up on the screen.

Covered in Packers green and gold Jasmine Alleva, who is from Anchorage, was trash-talking an Eagles fan as part of the promotion for next week’s Philadelphia vs. Green Bay game.

Alleva, who is now a model down in California, is a diehard Packers supporter thanks to her Wisconsin-born father and her mother who’s from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

The ad is a quick little back-and-forth where Alleva touts the Green Bay defense saying “Sorry Philly, this is a no-fly zone.” Later after the Eagles supporter tells her she'd “better say your prayers.” Alleva snaps back with a “How about a Hail Marry?” quip as an angelic Aaron Rodgers is bathed in light. Alleva even manages to sneak in a “We’ll see you in the fourth quarter” line as the ad nears its ending.

For an Alaskan girl who just happens to have green and gold running through her veins, it was a celebratory opportunity. "I think because I'm a born and bred Packers fan and I'm from Alaska, it's just one of those experiences that you don't really get to see people have that often and I think the whole thing was exciting.” Said Alleva.

Jasmine also got the opportunity to work with a Hollywood big wig along the way. "I worked with Peter Berg who directed Friday Night Lights, the movie, not the TV show, I learned that on set. I actually didn't know who he was but apparently he's a pretty big deal and he's intense, he's kind of insane himself and he was screaming at me 'cut the girly stuff you're just yelling' so you can see me straining my neck muscles the entire commercial because he's screaming at me.”

Even with the experience of a big national commercial under her belt don’t expect Jasmine to be staring in Berg’s next big summer blockbuster. “I don't act, you can tell by the commercial I don't act, I have to like really really try so the entire thing was exciting," said Alleva.

Once the ad aired Jasmine says her phone started receiving calls and texts, some saying congratulations, others only half sure that it was her on the screen. As Alleva told me, baggy overalls in a factory warehouse are not her typical go-to look.

Style aside the Alleva family was excited to see Jasmine on TV and for Alaskans, it’s a little local connection to the nation’s biggest sport.

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