Governor's climate change team meets for first time

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ANCHORAGE, (KTUU) - Inside a conference room located on the eighth floor of the Anchorage City Hall, members of Gov. Walker's new Climate Action for Alaska Leadership team meet for the first time Monday.

Walker appointed 15 public members and five ex-officio members, who began talks to discuss which specific action items should be taken in order to address the state's ever changing climate. The CAFAL is due to define and report those action items to Walker by September 1 of 2018. Monday’s meeting was to determine the top climate priorities for the state.

"The need for dealing with ocean acidification, which is the result of temperature increases, in all of the northern waters that impact sea life and changing ocean temperatures," is one priority, said Lt. Gov. Byron Mallott.

These changes to Alaska’s temperatures, Mallott says, have allowed for species to move to areas where they were never common before, which could impact the state's environmental ecology and biology, and could then affect fisheries that Mallott says play a vital role in the stability of the state's economy.

"The bottom line is that as a state, as citizens we need to be responsive for a changing climate. That our children, their children generations after them will also have to deal with. And hopefully we can do our part to make what they have to deal with as capable success in their time as they are able,“ said Mallott.

According to Mallott, weather pattern changes are being felt in greater terms here in Alaska more than any other state. As an Alaska Native Mallott says he feels that he has an obligation to help save the climate and environment.

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