Alaska marijuana industry cites tax concerns

Florida officers are having trouble distinguishing between hemp, which is legal, and marijuana, which is illegal. (MGN)
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JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) - Alaska marijuana grower Dane Wyrick says the future of his Anchorage business is hazy after feeling squeezed by state taxes and other expenses.

Wyrick says the tax, combined with production expenses and other factors, is too burdensome.

Cultivators are responsible for the tax, which is $50 an ounce when marijuana is sold or transferred from a grow facility to a retail shop or product manufacturer. There is a lesser tax rate for immature bud and trim.

According to state figures, the number of those delinquent is nine times what it was a year ago, standing at 45. Late taxes due with accruing penalties and interests total about $1 million.

Many in the industry blame the tax, though some also see an unlimited number of licensees as part of the problem.

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