Alaska public defender says he plans to resign

Image Source: MGN
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JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) - Alaska's longtime public defender says he'll resign as soon as a replacement is appointed.

Quinlan Steiner gave no reason in his resignation letter. An email seeking comment was sent to him Wednesday.

Steiner's agency falls under the Department of Administration.

Restrictions on Steiner's travel recently caught the attention of House Judiciary Chairman Matt Claman, who said he would only let Anchorage-based staff with the Dunleavy administration testify by phone on crime bills until travel for Steiner was approved.

Steiner had said he would submit a requested travel plan after earlier being told he couldn't travel to Juneau for the rest of session.

Steiner's resume shows he has been public defender since 2005 and previously was an assistant public defender. He said the agency has more cases than it can handle.

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