Suspension on evictions, foreclosures ends July 1, governor says


ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) - Legislation that temporarily suspended evictions, foreclosures and the repossession of vehicles will end July 1, Gov. Mike Dunleavy announced Tuesday.

“There’s parts of it that are going to revert back to what the laws were. In other words, these suspensions are now sunsetting. Today is the last day for some of these,” Dunleavy said.

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The suspension was a part of Senate Bill 241, which has been set to expire after June 30 unless an earlier deadline was set by the governor.

The law previously allowed someone experiencing financial hardship because of the pandemic to provide a landlord with a signed statement that would prevent evictions for the inability to pay rent.

The law similarly suspended foreclosures on the property of those who were experiencing financial hardships because of the pandemic, but the suspension will end July 1.

Another item, repossession of vehicles, will no longer be suspended starting July 1. In the law, vehicles included any sort of motor transport including motor vehicles, airplanes or watercraft.

These items were the first to expire. The law has a July 15 expiration for suspensions related to utility services, some property tax filings, and defaults on some state loans. Other items in the law will not expire until Nov. 15.

Some funding has been made available for those who need housing relief by the Alaska Housing Finance Corp., but the deadline to apply for $1,200 ended June 26. CEO and Executive Director of AHFC Bryan Butcher said 8,025 applications were submitted by the deadline with a majority of applications coming from renters in the state.

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“Every family that meets the criteria and put an application in will get this needed rental or mortgage relief,” Butcher said.

Of the households that applied, Butcher said the average family had lost $1,800 in monthly income because of the pandemic.

The program will supply approximately 22,000 Alaskans with rental or mortgage assistance, Butcher said.

Butcher said there are also options for Alaskans trying to avoid foreclosure as he says mortgage lenders may give more time to work through the process.

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