Alaskan recognized by NPR for 'Tiny Desk Contest' submission

Quinn Christopherson sings his song Mary Alee for NPR's 'Tiny Desk Contest'
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ANCHORAGE Alaska born Quin Christopherson is a singer and songwriter who's getting extra attention lately for his original submission for NPR's 'Tiny Desk Contest' this year. While Christopherson didn't end up winning he was recognized for his song 'Mary Alee' about the loss of his late grandmother.

"I just love writing songs that talk about my childhood. You know my past troubles, good times, bad times," said Christopherson.

The video Chrispherson submitted shows him playing 'Mary Alee' outside in a rocking chair over a frozen lake. You can see actual skaters behind him whizzing by as he plays. "I guess they liked it enough to interview me and that was pretty neat. I just talked about my grandma who the song was about and my culture and stuff," said Christopherson.

As a transgender individual Christopherson hopes he can inspire other members from Alaska's Trans community to take chances and embrace who they are and communicate that with loved ones. Christopherson said his grandmother was a strong supporter during his transition.

"I think I have inspired some people in the Trans community. A lot have messaged me and thanked me. They liked what I'm doing, putting myself out there. When I do stuff and other people think it's special I do it for that community," said Christoperson.

You can view his video here.

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