UPDATE: Some Alaskans still missing their PFD money after payout day

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - Sept. 6 12:30 p.m. Update:

PFD Checks

Dozens of Alaskans have noticed that, while their check is showing as "PAID" on their PFD page, their bank is still not showing any deposits.

Lisa Sauder, the executive director at Bean's Cafe, says her husband and two children are missing all 4 of their checks, even though the website is displaying the funds as having been paid out.

"It's just weird," Sauder said. "Because my application status shows 'paid' and it shows the correct direct deposit account that I've used for years. I haven't made any changes this year, and [my bank] definitely doesn't see anything incoming or pending."

Sara Race, the division director for the PFD, said that while some customers have experienced issues, there is no known issue holding up payments at this time.

"We will always get calls from people this time of year, of course, if their money was not deposited, but it's never any one issue," Race said.

She also said that common factors in a check not getting paid out could have to do with garnished funds, or more commonly, changing the account to a checking or a saving account that wasn't registered.

Race said the best way to find out exactly what the issue is with your account, if affected, is first to check the My PFD site, and then to call the PFD offices, so that agents can help find out what's wrong.

Original Story:

Alaskans begin their day with an extra $1,100 in their bank account, all thanks to the annual payout from the Alaska Permanent Fund dividends, better known as PFDs.

The amount was deposited into those accounts which were approved by Sept. 22. According to the division's website, if your application was "Eligible" as of that day, the payment will come through today. Paper checks will also begin mailing Thursday. Some applications, which were approved during the deadline in March but missed the Sept. 22 deadline, will still be paid once they are deemed eligible.

"Any applications determined "Eligible" after September 22, 2017 through noon on October 20, 2017 will be disbursed on October 26, 2017," the division says on its website.

While very welcome to see a deposit of over a thousand dollars in your account, some Alaskans have expressed mixed feelings, as the PFD amount for this year was supposed to be over $2,000. 2017 marked the second year in a row that the check was reduced, in order to help the state balance its budget, and to "preserve the PFD into the future," according to the office of Governor Bill Walker.

The amount was announced online with little fanfare earlier last month.

As for what Alaskans plan on spending their checks on, that much will vary from person to person. KTUU posed the question to readers on Facebook, and their answers ranged from bills to plane tickets. A common thread in many comments was the complaint regarding the halving of the check this year.

Below are some of comments on actually spending it. Join the conversation in the comments section below, or in the comments section on the KTUU Facebook post.

We also want to know: What will you be spending your PFD on this year? Please participate in the poll, below. App users, you can access the poll, here.

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