Alaskans create ice carousel on a frozen lake

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STERLING, Alaska (KTUU) - Rather than spend Black Friday inside a crowded mall, one group of Alaskans spent the day creating a stunning 100-foot ice carousel on a frozen lake.

Alaskans band together to create an ice carousel on Longmere Lake, in Sterling. (Photo courtesy Tammy Farrell)

"It was a much better alternative to shopping," jokes Tammy Farrell, who uploaded the experience to Facebook.

Before the ice became too thick, about 25 friends met up at a home along Longmere Lake, in Sterling, for the project.

"We came out with a 50-foot rope... stretched the rope out to create a perfect circle... and then proceeded to cut that circle with chainsaws," explains Farrell.

Once the ice is cut free from the lake, you should be able to spin the disc with your feet. Or in Farrell's case, you can cut another hole in the ice carousel, place a 9.9 horsepower boat motor within it, and keep it on idle.

"It could spin without anybody having to do any work," says Farrell.

Moreover, the 1-foot thick ice carousel was able to hold a 4-wheeler and several people.

"It didn't show any signs of tipping or moving, other than going around in a circle," she adds.

If others wish to make an ice carousel, Farrell advises doing this over shallow lakes.

"We planned it on a part of the lake that was only about 4-feet deep," she explains.

Additionally, in case someone falls into the freezing water, Farrell cautions that groups should have a good escape plan ready.

"Perhaps keep a couple of people along the side," she advises. "We kept track of where all the kids were, and where all the dogs were."

Farrell adds that her group of friends were inspired to create their first ice carousel, after watching a Finnish YouTube video.

"It's not the first one, but it's our first," she said. "So it was fun!"

Tammy Farrell says, "This could not have happened without the help of: Host and Hostess Pete and Linda Nichols, Tom, Mattie and Karmen Farrell, Josh Nyitrai, Dave Duncan, Todd Braxley, Jeff Kipp and the enjoyment of many."

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