Alaskans share their inauguration, and D.C. experiences, through photos and FaceTime

ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - By Friday afternoon, the "mushing mortician" Scott Janssen was losing his voice. He says he'd spent most of the day cheering for President Donald Trump during his inauguration speech.

"It was incredible," Janssen said. "Just the words he said, and then to have the feeling of the crowd around at the same time, that was just overwhelming support."

Many Alaskans are in Washington D.C. for the inauguration of Trump and the Women's March in Washington. Alaska's congressional delegation, as well as Governor Bill Walker also attending today's ceremony.

Walker said he sat about 10 rows behind the newly sworn in president, along with 33 other governors. Walker said the last time he saw an inauguration event was several years ago, when he was a young boy visiting D.C. with his parents, after John Kennedy had been sworn into office.

"I remember it was terribly cold," Walker said.

Walker said the new presidency could be good for the state.

"This was really an exciting time to be able to be make sure Alaska is represented," Walker said. "And it was good [and] enjoyable to be here for sure."

Julie Hasquet, a former spokesperson for Sen. Mark Begich, is in D.C. for the Women's March on Washington on Saturday. Organizers expect more than 200,000 people to participate in that event.

"It's kind of fun here, being a part of what I consider history," Hasquet said. "No mater what side you're on of this whole event, we're making history and we're making sure that voices are heard of women and everybody else who wants to make sure that we're presented."

Hasquet and Janssen both said they had seen some of the protesting that happened throughout the day, some of which left a Starbucks with smashed windows.

In a Facebook message Hasquet wrote, "We did see and hear tear gas at one point. Not sure what group was being disruptive. I think it was the anarchists because we saw a bunch of people dressed in all black running from the area. And that is what they wear."

Janssen said some of the protestors had taunted Trump supporters near him.

"Of course there's the protestors that are walking around, screaming and ranting and yelling hateful things towards those of us that are obviously in support," Janssen said. "So we just smile and hope they finally see the light at some point that we all live in the same country, and we might as well join the same team and do this together."

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