Alaskans voting early will get some seriously cute animal stickers

These stickers and more will be given out to early voters in Alaska. DOE photo.
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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - Do you want an adorable animal sticker, or the stand-by "I Voted" sticker? The Alaska Division of Elections is giving you a choice, but only if you vote ahead of time.

The DOE rolled out the stickers during the 2018 Alaska Federation of Natives Conference this week, but there's a catch on how to get them - you have to vote early.

According to a statement by the Division, voter turnout is a big focus in the November elections, and the stickers are an extension of that goal.

“Voter engagement is a critical component to our elections process and we are excited to present Alaskans with more fun opportunities to share with their communities that they’ve participated on Election Day,” said State Elections Director Josie Bahnke.

Polling locations will still have the traditional blue and gold “I Voted” stickers on hand on Election Day, but early voting stations will have the animal options.

Early voting for the General Election begins Monday October 22, 2018 at approximately 188 early voting locations, the DOE stated.

The drawings themselves come from Juneau resident Pat Race, who worked with DOE to come up with the Alaska-themed stickers. The animals featured on the stickers include a beaver, caribou, crab, eagle, walrus, and more.

The DOE offices will also have stickers that come in a variety of translated versions in Alaska Native languages along with Spanish and Tagalog relative to their regions. Those can be viewed by clicking below.

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