Allie the alligator outgrows his bathtub in Wasilla, handed over to rescue group

Allie the alligator. Photos courtesy Wasilla Police Department and Valley Aquatics.
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WASILLA, Alaska (KTUU) - It's not every day that police get a call about an alligator a bathtub, but that's just what happened earlier this week.

In a statement issued by the Wasilla Police Department on their official Facebook page, they said their animal control officer typically handles loose dogs and cats, "with the occasional rogue chicken thrown in."

"Yesterday was a first for him, as he was called upon to help re-home a four foot long American Alligator," they wrote in a statement Tuesday.

The gator in question is 4 and a half foot Allie. Though the animal was initially believed to be female, the rescue group that is housing Allie now confirmed that he is a male.

Allie's original owners were unable to care for him as he grew bigger and bigger, and eventually it reached the point where they had to ask for help from the police.

"There is not much that I can divulge because it was owner's release, and I don't want any bad publicity on the owner," said Sheridan Perkins, owner of Valley Aquatics, a rescue group that now houses Allie. "That's why we're in business. We're here to help in situations where it's not the best for the animal or the owner."

Allie is an American alligator, a species which can grow up to 12 feet long. Right now at 3 years old, he's only 4 feet long; according to the new owners, that was too big for the bathtub where he lived.

"With an animal like this, she has come home, she is not for adoption or sale," Perkins said.

Large reptiles are not unheard of in the Wasilla area. Earlier this year, a 17-foot python named Sam caused quite a stir when he went missing for several days. He eventually found his own way home, appearing in the living room of the owner's home after entering an open door.

As for Allie, his future remains uncertain. Perkins says she has thought about re-homing him in Florida, where the species is naturally encountered.

A reptile lover herself, Perkins called Allie "absolutely gorgeous." Upon first seeing him in a dog carrier, Perkins said, "I opened the kennel and introduced myself [...] [Allie] was kind of nervous not knowing what was going on in the dog kennel."

Watch that meeting below:

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